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Asha (Young Female)

Young pitty female born May 2023. Adoption $300.

Got snuggles?? If so, Asha is your girl! She’s a young gentle soul of about 1-2 years old who’s outgrown the annoying puppy stage. She’s full grown at 40 pounds, the ideal medium sized dog with gorgeous brindle markings along her back and the most endearing floppy ears. When Asha was found taking shelter on a lady’s porch, it was clear she had suffered neglect at the hands of her human; but she certainly didn’t let this dim her spirit and is the happiest and sweetest little girl we’ve ever known. Based upon her sweet nature, it’s no surprise she quickly became a favorite at animal control and has quite a following of volunteers who are rooting for her to find her forever family and the loving carefree life she so deserves. Asha is an absolute joy to walk with and stays right by your side without pulling. This laid-back girl loves being held, scrubbed in a warm bath, or laying across the back seat for a nice car ride. She can also be playful and shows her excitement with full body wiggles, a tippy tap dance, and/or hopping like a baby goat while gearing up to play tug or fetch. She’s just as content sitting next to her person and soaking up the sunshine. Be warned though, this girl will quickly steal your heart with her soulful puppy-dog eyes and the way she nuzzles in to be loved. Asha’s a simple girl who doesn’t ask much but the perfect family for her would be present in the moment, playing and snuggling to make up for the love and care she missed out on as a puppy. She’s the very best-behaved and polite girl who keeps her crate clean and is dog and child friendly. She hasn’t been cat tested but she’s a relatively mellow girl who would likely be fine with a feline sibling. Asha is available now foster to adopt to her chosen loving family local to the Peoria/Washington area until her vetting is complete.


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