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Deenah (Adult Female)

About 6yrs Female German Shepherd Mix. Adoption $300.

Deenah is a shy gal, but not the shyest around. She just likes things in her terms. And from my understanding, that’s kinda a German shep trait. Deener is a perfect mid sized and mid aged pup…. 40ish lbs. 5-6ish years. Crate trained. Potty trained. Sleeps all night quietly in her crate or on a dog bed. I let her choose. She enjoys pets and even will give an occasional gentle kiss. Oh, she’s dog friendly. Not real into romps and wrestles, but enjoys their company and an occasional zoomie sesh. Walking on a leash is coming along.

This beautiful girl hails from Ukraine, but has been in the US since Aug of 22. She’s waited an awfully long time for a home. An above ground fence is required. Patience and love are also requirements. Deenah may not be begging to cuddle (maybe she would if there wasn’t so much dog competition for attention ??? 🤔). But she is a lovely soul that’s ready for a home of her own.


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