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Iris (Adult Female)

Hi, it’s me Iris. I am pretty shy and take a long time to warm up to humans so don’t be mad if it takes me a long time to get used to you. I was a breeder release and I’m still adjusting to this whole family life thing. I love other dogs and get along with cats. I want to trust humans but I’m still learning that they aren’t all scary. I like my kennel and it is my safe place, I retreat to it any time I am scared or just for a second to make sure it didn’t disappear. I do pretty well with going potty outside but sometimes I get scared or don’t remember to wait. Since I get scared easily, I need a home with a fenced in yard to keep me safe at home. My foster mom tells me I’m a good girl and that I’ve come along way, I make sure to let her know if she is one minute late with my dinner, but she is learning, she also tells me not to counter surf but sometimes I find snacks up there so I keep trying it to be sure. I won’t take treats from your hand but I like if you set them close to me for me to gobble up. If you are patient and willing to give me a chance, which might take me a long time, you can apply to meet me. My foster mom promised me the right family is out there but until then my foster mom isn’t so bad.


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