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Janis (Female Puppy)

Updated: Nov 12

Puppy born March 2023 - Collie/Hound Mix. Adoption: SPONSORED.

My name is Janis! I’m an active, affectionate, family friendly, hyper four legged hound mix! I am constantly on the move so an active household would be the best fit for me. I love doing zoomies around the back yard and I love going on walks with my foster siblings. Although I am still getting used to the whole leash thing. I rather just walk myself but my foster mom says absolutely not. I do really well with being in a kennel at night and during the day when my family is away. Although i do LOVE car rides. Especially to get a pup cup. Mmmm Yum! I get along with dogs & cats but sometimes I need my own space. My favorite toys are anything with a squeaker! I will squeak until my squeaker no longer squeaks. I hope you enjoyed looking through my photos! I can’t wait to meet you!


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