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Marshall (Young Male)

1yrs Pitty Mix. Adoption $275.

Are you looking for your new best friend? The kind of friend that can go everywhere with you? An active friend who is always ready for adventure? Do you like to explore? To camp? To run? To hike? Marshall would like to apply to be your best friend. He is a fun, SMART young dog who is willing to try anything. At about one year old, he is ready to learn but already has great manners in the house. He is crate trained but doesn’t require it. So what’s the catch? Marshall needs a savvy dog owner who will be his leader. He will follow you anywhere. He needs you to reassure him that you will make the decisions. All he has to do is look to you and he will. He is very eager to please. He benefits from slow intros to new people and even slower intros to new dogs. Marshall likes to get acclimated to a new environment. You can tell when he is comfortable and ready for more by his body language. If you would like to meet Marshall, complete a no obligation adoption application and his foster will contact you to set up a meet and greet.


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