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Moxie (Young Female)

Updated: 6 days ago

Young female Jack Russell Mix born February 2023. Adoption $325.

Have you ever met a girl that's just got the "it" factor but she's just so down-to-earth it's like she doesn't know she has star quality?

Moxie is that girl. Moxie is a 20 lb delightful terrier mix. She was found dumped in a ditch on a county road (rude!) and in need of a hero. Looking at her now, you'd never know how much she has been through.

Star Qualities:

?Moxie loves to play. Sometimes, she can be a little overwhelming to other dogs. Moxie needs a dog who can tolerate her playful energy and correct her as needed.

?Moxie is what I'd call "cat curious". She likes kitties but thinks they should all play with her. If your cat is good with dogs, then this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

?Moxie loves kids too and does well with humans of all sizes.

?She is crate trained. She's still working on housebreaking but does really well with supervision.

?Moxie behaves well on a leash.

?Moxie loves toys. She loves to play tug with a person or other dogs. Mox also loves fetching a tennis ball and she's pretty good at it too. Moxie enjoys cooling off in the wading pool in the evenings or on a hot afternoon.

?Moxie is all puppy and will be a great dog for a forever family that can appreciate her silly antics.


?Moxie is a shoe and sock thief. She will help you locate (or lose) your shoes and socks.

?Travels well but seems to get carsick.

?Energy for daysssss. Due to an injury to her back left leg, Mox was on crate rest for a couple of weeks. She is making up for lost time by being a ball of energy.

If you're interested in meeting the cutest puppy with the biggest personality, drop an application for Moxie.


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