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Saylor - Heartworm Positive

This is Saylor. One of our current fosters available as Foster to Adopt around July 4th through Pet Pack Rescue Initiative she is around 1 year old and has had a rough go at life soo far. She came from a hording situation and as such is slow to warm up to new people and is still learning the leash is not a bad thing. We will be looking for a home that understands she will be slow to get used to new people and willing to work with her. She does good in her crate. She loves to sleep next to the bed just lay her a pillow a dog bed or even just some old blankets and she will be happy. We are looking for homes with at least one other dog as this has helped her open up a lot here and a fenced in yard do to her skittish nature. She really enjoys playing and has even started rough housing with the boys. She is fantastic with other dogs, fine with cats, and would be OK with kids. After we got her in, we took her to the veterinarian and she did OK there. We found out during the exam that she is also heartworm positive. So now we begin the process of getting her back to 100%. In the last two days, she’s really come out of her shell. She likes to instigate play with the other dogs in the home and she loves to give kisses to her humans. Saylor will need another dog in the home and she will need a fenced in yard. She is a soft and gentle girl.

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