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Simone - Unknown Illness

Day by day.

Just like that I’m back to taking it one day at a time and praying for one more good day. It’s been a rough start to summer here.

We put all we had at finding why Simone’s health is declining. We are left with very expensive, no answers promised exploratory surgery (over $2,000) or palliative care.   

Simone is by far on the top of my fav foster ever list. I regretted not adopting her last year, and now it’s a bit ironic that she’s back and I’ll ultimately adopt her,like I did Liesel, before she goes to her heavenly home (unless we get some kind of miracle).

Simone was dealt the most unfair hand. She was neglected and clearly not well bred. She was a scared, broken dog who blossomed into a confident, friendly beautiful girl. She is a dream dog. She has the very best temperament and personality. She’s extremely low key and friendly with people and dogs. She is well mannered and extremely smart. She is the perfect dog. And she is dying and we cannot figure out why. It is a horrible feeling to lose a dog but it’s soul crushing to not know how or why. Could we do something more? How do I fix her?? She deserves so much more than this. (Written by Simone's foster mom)


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