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Victoria (Adult Female)

Updated: Mar 3

Adult Female Beagle Mix. Adoption $100. Foster-to-Adopt only at this time.

Victoria is a classic beauty just as her name suggests. This two year old hound mix came into rescue where it was discovered she was going to be a momma! Victoria has been an amazing and loyal momma. Her puppies have been weaned and now it's time for Victoria to start looking for her forever home.

Victoria has regained her svelte figure and is full grown at around 20 pounds. She's housetrained like any respectable lady. Victoria can be a bit shy at first but comes around quickly. Victoria enjoys her canine friends but prefers not to have kitties in the house. Victoria is friendly with children who respect her space and boundaries. (How many moms can relate?)

Victoria is still very playful and hasn't found a toy she doesn't like. After being such a great mom to her pups, this girl definitely deserves some time to unwind with all the toys and be the center of attention.

Victoria tested positive for heartworm while pregnant. Now that she has time for herself, she is in the early stages of treatment. Heartworm is a treatable condition and she is expected to make a full recovery. The treatments won't prevent her from meeting her forever family. She is foster to adopt eligible to families within an hour of Peoria so that she can continue treatment.

While in treatment, Victoria is looking for a home that can provide her attention while keeping her activity low. She's definitely earned a little R&R. If you're ready to spoil this lady for the rest of her life, get your application in. A beautiful girl like this is sure to be a popular choice for most families!


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