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Washy (Puppy Female)

Female puppy born March 2023 - Lab Mix. Adoption $325

Washy girl!! Be still my heart. This slender, young lab mix is a soft hearted sweetie. As a puppy, she was found abandoned outside a laundromat (hence the name Washy). She has been loved and growing in her foster home. However we would LOVE to get her a home of her own by the holidays.

Washy is SUPER dog friendly and easy going. She lives with multiple dogs in her foster home and she’s staying with me for the weekend. This doll face is very kid friendly and is fine with cats, too. Initially, she’s a bit timid with people, BUT she is willing to let you dress her up and take photos after an hour if you have some treats and a soft, calm voice. And now, we are besties!! Washy comes to many events and rides well in the car. All she needs is a few minutes of reassurance, and BOOM BANG 💥she’s perfect.

Please share!!! Washy deserves her own home.


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