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Lost/Found Animals

"I found this dog/cat/pig/etc, what do i do?"
"My recently adopted dog got loose, what do i do?"

PPRI supports our fosters and adopters - in the case that your foster or adopted dog gets loose, please contact us and we will provide resources to help. Please get started on the checklist below.

PPRI does NOT take in or trap found cats - please contact your local animal control. We cannot take a found dog into our program unless we have room AND the local animal control (PCAPS for Peoria County, TCAC for Tazewell county) has been notified, the stray hold is complete, and they release the animal into our care. Stray holds are typically 3 days and are provided to give the owner time to find their dogs. 

See information below on the actions to take if you lose or find a dog:

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