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Gilly (Young Female)

Female German Shepherd (GSD) mix. Adoption $350.

Miss Gilly (1.5y, 65lbs) is scared of strangers, but she is very affectionate with people she knows. She would do best in a quiet house (single person or couple) and another dog, although she shows signs that she may eventually be social if her person(s) work with her.

Despite her timidness with strangers, Gilly is playful, goofy, housebroken, dog-friendly, and responds great to gentle corrections. She will touch your hand on command, sits, walks well on a leash, rings a bell to go outside, and goes to kennel on command. We are working on wait/stay. If you want a dog to teach tricks to, Gilly could be your girl.

Gilly's spay is scheduled for April 22nd, but she can start transitioning to her forever home earlier.


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