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Samuel (Young Male)

Updated: Feb 25

Male lab mix born August 2023. Adoption $325.

Labs are (wo)man’s best friend and Samuel certainly meets this definition! He is the absolute sweetest soul you can ever meet. Sam loves head scratches and will put his snout next to you for kisses. He is about 7 months old and seems to lack handling in his prior life. He needs to put some meat on his bones as he is on her way, but the veterinarian expect him to be about 45 to 50 pounds full grown. Sam is good with cats and he likes other dogs, particularly larger females. He is a bit of a lady’s man. Sam needs a home that is patient and will give him a lot of love. As a red lab, his genetics suggest he will make the best pet over time. Sam is kennel trained and keeps his crate clean. He needs to learn that all humans are safe. If you have patience and the capacity to love, Sam would be a great fit for you. He will learn to be a true companion with time. A physical fence/kennel run is required for him at this time. He doesn’t understand what a leash is so he cannot be leash walked to do his business. He is such a gentle soul. He deserves all the best.


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