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Early Morning Thoughts...

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

As I sit writing this post, it is 2:18 am. I should have been asleep hours ago but there is much to do and so I am toiling the early morning hours. We have a great new office space, I can't wait to share pictures! Our board meets for the first time on Tuesday in person and we have a great group of people running this organization. Supporters are many and detractors are few. We are so excited to make a difference and leave a small footprint in the Peoria area. People have asked how they can help and there are several ways: donate. That is an obvious one, LOL... every non-profit needs financial support. You can also share our social media pages (@petpackrescueiniative) on FB/IG and @petpackrescue on TikTok. Liking our posts and sharing our content on the platform helps us to generate hits and grow as an entity. We welcome you to our pack! Thanks for joining!


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